Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 10; 2010 Olympics, Part 1

Sunday, February 21, was Day 10 of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.
And what a spectacular day it was.
The above shot shows the BCIT parking lot near Willingdon Church, which is the church we attend. Usually the church people can park their cars here, but not for this Sunday, or any Sunday during the Olympics. So we go to the 8:30 am service in order to park at the nearby high school. It's interesting getting up at 6:30...
After the service, we headed downtown in our car, to see if we could get parking near Granville Island. We did, and we even managed to get a seat for lunch at Tony's Fish and Chips, the best place in Vancouver to eat fish.
I cannot stop taking photos of our lovely city.

We went to Stanley Park, via English Bay route. Look at this photo.
Are you envious?
We found a funny lot of sculptures.

We stopped for a dessert at a cupcake shop.
These were the very best cupcakes we've ever eaten.
I think if you click on this photo, you'll see the Olympic flame on the other side.

I think we live in the best city in the world!

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Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

My first thought is where's the snow?? I guess it's all up in the mountains. How far is the skiing from you? I guess the skating is all taking place somewhere in downtown Vancouver? Very pretty pictures.