Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 12; 2010 Olympics

Tuesday, February 23, was Day 12 of the 2010 Winter Olympics.
The rain and chilly weather returned, so I visited Metrotown Mall in Burnaby, and took photos of the magnificent windows, decorated not so much for the Olympics, but for the pride of being Canadian!
I've never enjoyed my city so much as during these past 2 weeks.
I didn't think we had it in us to be so patriotic!

Purdy's is, of course, one of my favourite shops.
We started a new tradition with these 2010 games: every time Canada wins a gold medal, we eat a chocolate maple leaf! Our leaves ran out, so on this day I stocked up on chocolate coins, covered in gold foil.
On this day, Canada beat Germany in men's hockey; 8 - 2!
Go Canada!
This is one of my favourite windows.

I just love these boots!

Ashleigh McKiver won GOLD in women's ski cross, an event which made its debut at these games. I love watching ski cross!
I hope you enjoyed this tour of our mall.

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