Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 17; last day of the 2010 Olympics

This large cookie was in Mrs. Field's cookie shop yesterday. Yummy!
It was definitely an appropriate thing to spot, as Team Canada did go for the Gold today, and they WON IN OVERTIME, 3 - 2!!!!!!

What a beautiful flag.

Canada has won the MOST GOLD medals ever in a winter Olympics!!!!
"You can find gold all over the world, but most of it's right here."
"Winning a gold medal is incredible. Winning the most ever, that's not bad either."
And if you find this pin for $15 or less, please buy it for me and I'll reimburse you!
I'll never forget the past 2 weeks. What a wonderful event it's been.


Jacqueline said...

Hi dear friend...
I watched the Olympics right along with you. It was so amazing and the closing ceremony was awesome. I loved the Russian tribute for the next Olympics. I have a feeling, that one will be magical. home sweet home.
Get ready to play...first game show post today!

Caths Pennies Designs said...

Loretta, Thank you for your own personal "play-by-play" account of the Olympics in your beautiful city. I don't think they could've been held in a better city with more gracious people! On the other hand .. ok, you beat us in hockey this time, but 4 years from now? Watch out, we'll getcha!

Lois said...

Hi Loretta,
Thank you for all your pics and your travels throughout you lovely city for 2 weeks. I felt I was there everyday, and wish I was!!!
I was rooting for USA, but wishing Sydney Crosby would do good for his team. (We're Pens fans here.)
That was a hard game to root for this time.
Lois Ling

Loretta said...

Thanks, Lois, Cathy and Jackie! I enjoyed it so much. I went downtown today and it was quite empty, although there were still quite a few visitors roaming around. I already miss the excitement we experienced.