Monday, March 8, 2010

After the Olympic Fever

I had to take a mini-vacation from blogging. I had an Olympic hangover of some sort. I missed the Olympics on TV, I missed the Olympic news at night, I missed the exciting Olympic hockey games, I missed the energy of discovering which athlete won which gold medal, and I missed the buzz downtown. Whew. No wonder I suffered angst. But never fear, I plunged into spring cleaning and card making. I made 8 cards yesterday. Colleen brought over her Big Shot machine, and I discovered embossing! I'll never be the same again.
Here are my kind stamping friends; Colleen and Bernice. After 2 hours of card making, we sat in the living room and had tea. It was a fun afternoon. I also put some of my Olympic photos into an album, but I need a bigger one...
Today I saw a few snowflakes. Now isn't that just too strange for words?

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Jacqueline said...

Good morning my dear! I've sent off an envelope to you this morning with Chatty dollars. I just returned from Portland and bought a worn out Chatty Cathy and also, went I went to the doll museum in Bellevue I took pictures of their Chatty for you. Have you ever been there? You would LOVE it!
Glad you are back blogging, I know I was sad to see the Olympics over too..a bit of a withdrawl session for sure!
See you this weekend I'm hoping over at the Calico Consignment Shoppe. We had our first spin of the windmill last weekend and the winner won a windmill birdhouse...yipeee!