Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 6 of the 2010 Olympics

Wednesday, February 17 was Day 6 of the Winter 2010 Olympics.
The sun was shining and it was chilly in the morning. We won't mention the melting snow on the mountains...
My friend, Linda and I, headed downtown to see the Olympic Cauldron, near the Convention Centre. The night before, the Olympic committee had moved the chain link fence 25 feet closer to the cauldron, as people were complaining that they couldn't get close enough. Well, you wouldn't want some nutty person extinguishing the flame, would you? There is also a 4" gap in the fence so you can insert your camera to get good photos. And if you want to stand in yet another line up, you can climb up on a ROOF to get a really great photo. It was way too cold to stand in the one hour line up so we skipped that and headed on to other sites.
Don't you think that Vancouver looks beautiful in the sun?
Notice the snow-less mountains in the background.
Oops; I wasn't going to mention that...
It's really quite a wonderful sight!

Linda and I took our mini American Girl dolls and our teeny weeny Chatty Cathy dolls to pose with the Olympic Mascots. We'd like to take our big dolls, but there are too many people crowding around, and it would be difficult to do. This is Quatchi, if you don't know his name by now.
And here is Miga. I wonder what the 2 Emily dolls are looking at...
There's certainly enough to see!
Linda and I couldn't get into Canada's Northern House or the Royal Mint (line ups were way too long) but we did go to the main PO, and we stood in a little line up and signed postcards for our favourite Olympic athlete (mine is Alexandre Bilodeau) and received a free red T-shirt with the athletes signatures printed in white on the front, in the form of a maple leaf. I thought that was so neat! We took the Canada Line to the free Bombardier street car, and went to Granville Island for lunch. Afterwards we took the little ferry ride across to Yaletown, and noticed that the crowds were getting really thick, so we headed home and got wedged in a claustrophobic crowd of people, who were coming off the Westcoast Express, the Seabus, and the Skytrain all at the same time! We followed 2 kind police men who acted as our escorts. We were rather breathless when we got home, but it was a fun outing!

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Linda said...

There is still hope for Northern is remaining open after the hoards of people leave. NOW...I want to know what day you are going to do the zip line over Robson? I hear it is well worth the SEVEN hour wait. Let me know and I will come and take pictures of you flying over the city like Peter Pan:)