Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 7 of the 2010 Olympics

Thursday, February 18 was Day 7, and in pure exhaustion, I stayed quietly at home, with the TV turned on, of course! I did household chores, not having a maid, and baked 2 sets of cookies; Russian Teacakes and sugar cookies in the form of maple leaves sprinkled with red sugar. I had to bake something Olympic looking! I also made a Tex Mex dip and put little Canadian flags in it. I took this food to the small group Bible study Robert and I attend. We take turns bringing snacks. I was making the cookies when a Canadian won gold, but at this point I cannot remember who won it! It's shameful, but all the names and events are beginning to blur, as the excitement is more than I can handle. We Vancouverites lead a very quiet life, and the hub bub is phenomenal, as we can all tell when we venture downtown!

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Linda said...

The maple leaf cookies are so pretty! Most of the houses will close on the 28th. Northern House (I believe) will stay open longer and the Art Gallery may extend if possible. Canada House will reopen for the Para games in March but the mint and the other houses will close on the 28th.