Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 8; 2010 Olympics

On Friday, February 19, I had the bright idea of going downtown again, to Granville Island. It took me a very long time to do. I backtracked on the Skytrain to Metrotown, in order to try to get a seat on the train downtown. Alas, the train didn't come for over 10 minutes; there was a backlog of trains further down the line. Olympic Fever has reached an all time high! Everyone wants to experience the buzz. So I decided to take the long way around. I got back on the train going to New Westminster, and went around the loop, back through Burnaby, and to Broadway Station, where I took the #99 bus to Granville St, and from there I walked to Granville Island.
I'm pleased to say that I lost another pound; a total of 8 lbs since Jan 1st!
The crowds at Granville Island. I couldn't even get a cup of tea here, as the line up was too long for me! I settled for chocolate milk in a corner shop, and ate a baked potato from a deli shop.
The crowds surging underneath Granville Bridge; they come from the free streetcar.
Beautiful crocuses. Everything is in bloom; it feels like late March.
I caught a #50 bus to downtown; I didn't dare use the streetcar, as the lines at the Canada Line are horrendous.
I disembarked at Seymour and Georgia. Oh woe was me.
Look at the surging masses.
Isn't this funny? It's in a Bay window. By the way, my hubby told me that the Bay is now open 24 hours!

Walking down Granville Street. I've never seen anything like this in my life, and I've lived here nearly 50 years!
Outside the Royal Mint Store. When I went to the Granville Station, there were so many people surging down the escalator for the Skytrain, that I knew I couldn't possibly merge with them, so I asked a handy attendant where the #19 bus was. It's still at the corner of Pender and Granville, so I caught one just past these mobs, and got a seat! It took me 45 minutes to get home. (instead of my regular 20)
The bus still goes right through China Town.

After a rest, and supper at home, Robert and I went back downtown at 8:30 pm.
Here is what we spotted near the Canada Pavilion. I wonder if my friend, Jeannie, watches this channel?

Me beside the Aboriginal Pavilion.

The people at Robson Square. Jon Montgomery had just won Gold in the skeleton race, and the people were hooting and hollering and cheering.
The view in the window of the Rocky Mountain Fudge store.
Notice the gold medals...

On our way back, walking down Thurlow St, we detoured down a side street and found this display. I guess you could call it "Green Vancouver".

We viewed the Golden Rings again and the blazing cauldron. Somehow I never tire of looking at them. We had tea and a donut at Tim Horton's, and then had no problem getting a seat on the Skytrain. We left around 10:30 pm. I think the people were still celebrating. This is one huge party, even if we aren't keeping up with the medal count! I think all the athletes deserve a medal. Some of them win by 2 one hundredths of a second. Isn't that absurd? So in my mind, they are all winners!

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Linda said...

I somehow don't think I would like to be in a crowd that large. I am a chicken...pluck...pluck.. The skytrain had a 2 hour wait Saturday night. The guy on the news tonight said something funny...before the hockey game it was "go Canada go" and following it was "Where'd Canada go?" Apparently the crowds dispersed quite quickly tonight.