Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 9; 2010 Olympics in Richmond BC

My closest view of the Richmond Oval, where the exciting Olympic speed skating events happen.
Outside the Richmond O Zone. Security is tight here.

The closest we could get to Holland House. The line up was around 2 hours.
CTV tent in the distance with a line up to see ice sculptures being created.
(don't know how long they lasted in the warm temps)

A signed tree, in one of the tents along BC street.

Can you spot our names?

Beautiful hand carved bowl, only $2,000.
(but it took him a month to carve)

We had taken the Canada Line from Aberdeen Mall, but getting back was another story. The line ups were way too long, so we decided to walk back from the O Zone to Aberdeen Mall. It's only 35 minutes.
Unique art underneath the Canada Line. You'll never know what you'll discover when you set out to explore Richmond!

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Linda said...

I can see your names:)