Friday, February 12, 2010

Last day of Olympic Torch run

I got up at 6 am today, to see the Torch run across Lion's Gate Bridge and through Stanley Park. I took these photos "live" from my TV. Here is Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Governor of California. He isn't a Canadian, but is a friend of our Premier, Gordon Campbell.
Here is the Torch exchange by the lighthouse in Stanley Park, one of our favourite spots when we visit. There were so many mobs of people, CTV couldn't get an interview with Arnold. It seems he is very popular. Dal Richards held the torch, beginning at the Robson Square ice rink at 8:30 am, and walking down Robson St. He is very popular here in our city; he is 92 and directs an orchestra, playing each day at our Pacific Exhibition each summer.
CTV is covering the torch relay live until 2:00 pm PST today.
Then from 3:00 - 6:00 they are doing pre-ceremony coverage. What an exciting day for Vancouver!
Update at 9:38 am PST:
There was a mob of protestors near Victory Square, where the Veterans wished to honour the troops. The torch was momentarily delayed for a few minutes. They unfortunately had to re-route it past Victory Square; the protestors wouldn't move. I feel so sorry for the Veterans, who were confident the Torch would get through. I despise protestors. They are like classroom bullies in elementary school (who I'll personally never forget) who disrupt daily life in general and make the day miserable for all around them. What a shame.


Deanna said...

Hi dear! I've been out for a long while but I was so glad to come and visit you. I totally missed the torch...and I agree with you..I despise bullies.

How have you been? I'll be back on my blog in March...I had to take a necessary break. :D

Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

What exactly were they protesting? They can't ruin anything. Everything I've seen on TV looks great! The US just marched in. Here comes Canada!Gotta go...