Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Olympic Buzz

As I hear things on the news, I'll add them to my blog, for they are just too funny to keep to myself! (although I do admit that carrying snow to Olympic venues from another location does take the cake) I listen to News 1130 AM during the day, and even when I'm on my computer. It's the official 2010 Olympic news station for the Games, so you can tune in too! CTV Vancouver is the official 2010 Olympic games TV station.
A news commentator said he could pick out the foreign news journalists arriving in the city, by the fur lined parkas that they are wearing! Tee...hee...and what about the thousands of red mittens which have been sold? I'd break out into a sweat if I put those on. I've nearly given up on my hat too. I love this time of year when my snow drops and crocuses are beginning to bloom. I guess many visitors will receive a pleasant shock in the next few days!

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