Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Olympics 2010

If these links above work, you will have some interesting viewing/reading today.
As you know, the 2010 Winter Olylmpics are taking place here in 9 days. And as I've already stated, we've had the warmest January in 70 years; the warmest one on record! Now I know for sure that no one is able to see the future, or they would have held the Olympics last year! But it would have been a fiasco, as we were all held captive in our homes for 2 weeks because lanes and side streets were not plowed once. Not once! It was pathetic. The bus stops weren't cleared either.
But back to my story. What in the world do you think of SNOW being transported in trucks from Manning Park to Cypress Mountain; a trip of 7 hours? Doesn't it sound unreal? But that's Vancouver! I wonder how much we'll have to pay for this. Please remember that we live here, and there will be a cost! Wah!

Leona's quote: "What's going to happen is no one will believe we have real mountains, only farms of hay shaped into hills and valleys."

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Caths Pennies Designs said...

I had no idea that you were short on snow this year. I'd think that snow making machines would be quicker and easier to use rather than trucking it in? That expense must be enormous. Well, at least those truckers are making a lot of overtime $$.
Interesting stuff! Keep us all posted on the innner workings there at the Olympics.