Monday, March 22, 2010

A day downtown

Last week, on March 18, my parents and I ventured downtown.
We do this once every two years. Don't ask me why...
We really should do it more often, as once we get down there, we have a grand time!
The picture above is taken in the old CPR station, where my Dad and his family arrived from Spalding, Saskatchewan in 1941. He would have been 12. He remembers the room being full of wooden benches. This place is now Waterfront Station for the Skytrain and the Canada Line.
This is the lovely new streetcar on loan from Belgium. I rode this around 15 times. I absolutely loved it; but now it is back on it's way to Belgium. Vancouver is not keeping it.
My Dad remembers the old streetcar system which used to run through Vancouver.

A momentous day! My parents met Matthew working in his cheese shop at last.

We hobbled down to the Olympic flame, which is a very long walk indeed.
It was a chilly day, but we had a fun time seeing the sights of our lovely city.

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