Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break

This year I lost track of when Spring Break occurred, as I don't deal with school age children anymore. However, Leona does, and she had a Spring Break from March 8-12, so on March 9th, we did our annual shopping trip with our parents, to Metrotown Mall. Here Leona and I are posing outside the Rocky Mountain Fudge Shop.
My Dad didn't want to stand beside this strange window at the Forever 21 store.
He thinks the styles are ludicrous. I agree. But isn't this a funny shot?

On March 10th, we had my parents over for a salmon and pasta dinner, with an invigorating game of crokinole afterwards. This is also a Spring Tradition, but Matthew forgot to come. Leona came for dessert and also to play. Paul had 2 wisdom teeth removed that day, so she didn't wish to leave him too long.
If you've never played crokinole, please visit this website to learn more about this Canadian game.

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