Monday, March 29, 2010

A wonderful weekend in Victoria

We caught the 9 am ferry to Victoria last Friday, March 26.
We'd forgotten how long it takes to get through the Massey Tunnel.
Because the Fraser River is in the way, this is the only way to get to Delta, unfortunately!
We left our home at 8 am, and managed to get to the ferry terminal at 8:45.
I could cheerfully take this scenic trip once a month!
But the cost is now $13.99 for each adult, and $45.00 for a mid size car!

We stopped in Sidney, and had lunch at Lunn's. Yummy!

Lunn's also makes chocolate but we resisted it.

Here's a guy I found on the bench outside...

This is the cat which lives at Beacon's Books. This cat sat on Matthew's lap one time. He/she is 8 years old. Whenever we visit the Island, memories greet us at each step. We constantly thought of Matthew and his aunt Margaret.

Browsing in Beacon's Books. I bought 4 books here and Robert bought 1.

Beautiful Victoria, on Government Street.
We had tea at Murchie's, the one thing which is still the same.
All the china shops have gone, and so are the neat souvenir shops, and the Christmas shop.
I was devastated.
Yes, flower planters in March! We had wonderful weather.

Here I am buying cute handkerchiefs at the Irish Linen Shop.
(to make little Bleuette some dresses)

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Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

Your trip sounds wonderful! Beautiful pictures.