Monday, March 29, 2010

Wonderful weekend; Part Two

Our first day in Victoria began with a scrumpitous breakfast, served in the Sun Room.
The photos speak for themselves.

While on a nature walk later in the day at Witty's Lagoon, I found a lot of these exquisite wild flowers blooming by the side of the path. My Mom said she used to call them "lamb tongues", but their real name is "glacier lily".
I just had to visit Craigdarroch Castle again! The price, along with everything else, has gone up to $13.99 each. To find out more about this lovely castle, please visit HERE.
The Parlour.
A list of the maid's chores. Please click to enlarge.
Be glad you are not a maid.
The maid's room.
One of the daughter's bedrooms.
The Breakfast Room.

At Weir's Beach once again!

I was very happy to be here again.

The oldest graveyard in Metchosin.

The Surf Motel on Dallas Road in Victoria, where our family stayed 30 years ago.
We put on our winter jackets, and walked out to the end of Ogden Point in the evening.
It was built around 1917 as a breakwater, then the lighthouse at the end was added, as the boats kept plowing into the "new" breakwater.
A relaxing evening in the library, reading a new book I bought in Sidney; a biography of Charles Dodgson. (Lewis Carrol)
The Parliament Buildings at night; the lights were turned on again after "Earth Hour".


Jacqueline said...

Hi Loretta,
I'm so happy I've stopped by tonight. I've been to Victoria many times and my favorite castle is Craigdarroch! Did you know a portion of the newer movie Little Women was filmed on the staircase? They have added so much more to the home since the last time I was there. Did you go to the Tudor Museum and the Miniature World? We always stay at a bed and breakfast called Abigails. It's a small fortune to stay there, that's for sure. I was happy to see all the familiar places again!
You are rolling dice over on my blog at Dollyopoly. You might like all the dolls I'm showing. Some are from my visit to the Bellevue Doll Museum but most are mine.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

This is such a beautiful place. Thanks for all the beautiful pictures. I will have Lindsey email you and tell you about the papers. Have a wonderful Easter weekend! Twyla