Friday, April 16, 2010

A beautiful spring day!

It's a gorgeous day outside, the warmest in 2010 so far. You can tell the weather is improving by my lack of posts for over one week. Tee...hee...the garden is calling! It needs a fair amount of work. We had a new back fence installed a few weeks ago, along the side of the back yard where the Incident happened last August 2009, due to the neighbour tearing down their house and excavating much too closely to our retaining wall. The new fence cost $945 just for your info, but it sure looks wonderful. A gate was included in the price, plus the removal of the old fence. I plan to stain it soon, to match the rest of the fence in the back, which was installed in 2006. There is a gap along the side of our house which the neighbour must build in his own good time.
The above illustration is by Maria L Kirk in 1907. I'm addicted to Alice illustrations. I'm nearly finished reading the biography of Charles Dodgson which I purchased 3 weeks ago. The book is very thick, but well written.


Julie said...

I love those images, too--they're just beautiful! Hope you're having fun in your garden--I need to get out in mine, too!

Have a wonderful weekend!

media said...

It's warm here in Barriere, too! The last few days it's gotten close to 20c! Oh what lovely weather! Our tulips are just about ready to open, and the hedge is getting green. I'll take pictures on Sunday and post them on my blog.... :-)

media said...

fyi - it's Margaret (I sent this from work....)