Tuesday, May 4, 2010

BC Place Stadium

First let me say that I absolutely LOVE the roof on the BC Place Stadium! It looks like a big puffy marshmallow. I see nothing wrong with it, except its age. Time is against us all! While browsing the News1130 website, I found that by right clicking on a photo, that I could instantly blog the news article I was viewing, right to my own blog. The wonders of modern day technology amaze me. I knew I had a picture of the roof in my photo album somewhere, and here it is, on a never to be forgotten day in Vancouver's history; Feb 12, 2010; the opening day of the Vancouver Winter Olympics. The opening ceremony was held in this building. Robert and I ordered the Olympic DVD set put together by CTV, and would you believe that 3 months later we still don't have it? Apparently it was so popular they are still producing them.
Today at 11:00 am the grand old marshmallow roof will be deflated.
How I'll miss it!

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