Monday, May 17, 2010

Celtic Woman Concert

On Saturday evening, May 15, I went to GM Place all by myself and attended a Celtic Woman concert. We weren't allowed to take photos, so I only have this one picture of the bare stage to prove that I was there, and a Celtic Woman souvenir book with their photos.
Robert was at a camp with the boy scouts, so that's why I was alone. It was an interesting experience, and I really enjoyed it, but I do prefer going with a friend! There were around 4,000 people there. I must say I do not like GM Place as a venue for a concert like this, as the seats were rock hard, and I foolishly purchased a floor ticket. Although I was in row 22 I couldn't see very well, until I moved into an empty seat beside me, as 4 very large people were in front of me. Next time I'd sit in the padded seats on the right or the left.
Anyhow, I thought the show was absolutely delightful. I adore Irish music; it must be my half Celtic blood; the Welsh in me! The girls were dressed so pretty, and they sang so beautifully. The sound of their amazing voices filled the whole stadium, and Mairead, the fiddler, was phenomenal; blond hair flowing as she whirled around the stage, legs kicking high, while playing her instrument! I truly enjoyed every moment. Here is the official Celtic Woman website.
I'm so glad I had a chance to hear Lisa, Alex, Chloe and Lynn perform, and Mairead of course!
It was a special night.

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Helen said...

Hi Loretta,
You were at Celtic Woman!! NICE!!I love them. They sing like angels. I watch them when they come on KCTS.
You must show me the program you bought sometimes.
Did you take the bus by yourself at night??? Brave girl.