Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hanky dress #6

A special vintage hanky dress for a special Bleuette doll, who will be with me one year on May 21st! It was delightful to sew using a vintage hanky; very soft and lovely. I've never seen such a beautiful print on a hanky before. I bought this at an antique store. I love roses, and so does Yvette Marie!


Lois said...

Hi Loretta,
Was reading your Mt. St. Helene's story and then was scrolling down and saw those doll dresses were made from hankies!!! Also found the blog about going to YouTube, but now they're knitting hats. I put in a search, but a hanky dress isn't coming up. Did you save that address or tell me how to do that. That is sooo cool. I have hankies when I was kid, I too, always had to have a hanky in my purse.
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Loretta those dresses are adorable. I love those hankie dresses.

Marlene Brown