Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy birthday, Yvette Marie!

Yvette Marie, my 301 reproduction Bleuette doll made by Connie Zink, has been with me for one year today. I've learned a lot about this little doll, first made in 1905 by the SFBJ doll company in Paris. I just finished sewing a white Edwardian style dress for her. The pattern is from Martha's lovely website; the highlighted link takes you right to the page with the pattern, if you'd like to try it too. It's very easy to make.
I used an illusions button in my picture editing program to make the above photo appear like a French painting.
Bleuette is such fun to have around!

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Shelley said...

She is precious...such a sweet doll..Happy Birthday Yvette Marie....thanks for sharing.