Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pretty flower cards

Aren't these fantastic cards? And I made them myself! Of course, I didn't "invent" them; I took a class with Alison Solven. She had a display of her cards at a booth last weekend at the stamp event I went to at Granville Island. I love to learn new techniques.
I just LOVE sweetpeas, so I just HAD to learn how to make these!
Would you believe they are made with a butterfly punch? Then they are misted with water and crumpled and voila; sweetpeas!

The pretty pansies are also made with a butterfly punch!
The white flower is made with a flower punch, and also misted and 6 of the designs are crumpled and then stacked and held in place with a brad.
The rose is also a punch; this one was too knit-picky for me, although the result is lovely.
I had a grand time meeting at Alison's studio today.


Elaine said...

Your cards are beautiful..trull a work of love and art

Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

Very nicely done. I like your Chattys in the header too.

Did you go back and add labels to all your older posts? I tried to start adding labels at one time, but kept forgetting and none of the real old posts have them. I'd love to go back and add them, but I'm thinking when the posts are republished they'd appear on people's reading lists again. Do you know if that would happen?