Friday, May 7, 2010

More photos of my Mother

I love these photos of my Mother, Susan (Brutke) Williams.
This one was taken in July 1961; I believe for my Mom's 28th birthday.
Her mother made the dress she is wearing. I never met my maternal Grandma; she died when I was 12 days old. Would you believe I still have this wooden lawn chair in my yard?
I always thought my Mother was as beautiful as a movie star. I always wished I was as pretty as her, but I looked more like my Dad's side of the family. However nowadays many people say I look just like her. So to me that's a great compliment! I love this picture of my Mother's lovely smile.
Here is another of my favourite shots. Leona is a few months old. This is taken in 1962. Who knows why my eyes are full of tears...
My Mother sewed the lovely drapes in the background. She couldn't afford to buy them already made; I always thought they were gorgeous.

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Linda said...

Susie hasn't changed a bit and you can tell her I said so...she still has the same dazzling smile and is such a sweetheart! Happy Mother's Day to her and to you!

PS...awww...look at Baby Leona...what a cutie!!