Thursday, August 19, 2010

A welcome respite!

From Friday August 13 - Tuesday August 17, 2010 we were gripped and rung out in an intense heat wave here in Vancouver. We're not used to it. Some of us love it and the rest of us really hate such weather. I'm one of the latter. So I kept the computer turned off and I laid low.
On Wednesday the weather changed and cool marine air and thick grey cloud blew in.
Did I ever mention how much I love living on the Pacific Coast?
Today's photos were taken on our little excursion to Sidney BC on the Island.
All shots are from Butchart Gardens.
Robert and Dad.

Robert and I.

The four of us in the gazing ball in the rose garden.

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Helen said...

Lovely photos Loretta. Your dad looks good. I hate the hot weather too.