Monday, September 20, 2010

Memory Monday; scenes from 1975

I was reading my 1975 Journal and I became nostalgic.
That was 35 years ago which to me is unbelievable as it seems like a few short years have passed by.
The photo above was taken in July 1975. I'm seated at the top of the cherry picking ladder. Leona is next, then Marlene and Marie. At last I've begun scanning in the 1970 pictures, so you will be seeing more of Marie. She was so adorable and we all loved her and her cute ways.
According to my journal, I made $30 in cherry picking money, at $2.00 per box. On July 14 I wrote "But to tell you the truth, I think I'm getting sick of picking cherries."
My sisters and I playing in one of our favourite spots on Uncle Ed's farm; the creek.
We spent hours here after picking cherries.

For a special treat, we went to the Oregon Coast, which we adored. It wasn't warm or hot but quite windy and chilly. We didn't mind. To us it was an exciting adventure spending one night at the D Sands Motel in Depoe Bay. The photo above shows us in our nightgowns, playing a game of dominoes with our Mom's friend, Elsie Diewert, who we brought along this one time. My Mom had boarded with her for 3 years before she met my Dad and moved to Canada. Elsie was like a Grandma to us. You can see Marie asleep on the cot. She was only 4 1/2. We had supper at the Pixie Kitchen, which is long gone. We loved that place. It had superb seafood and an excellent gift shop.
I love this photo of my Dad, age 46, holding little Marie, sitting in Uncle Ed's rocking chair.
Oh the memories that surface when I look at these photos and re-read my old Journal. I'm so glad I kept one.
A family photo, taken on July 13, 1975.
My Mom was 42, my Dad 46.
Leona, age 13, is in the back row.
Marlene, age 10, is on the left, then myself age 15, then Marie who is hiding, age 4 1/2.
We were in Williamson Park in Oregon for a family picnic.
It was always fun visiting with my Mom's many relatives, and eating the scrumptious food!
We stayed for 2 weeks that year, at Uncle Ed's farm.

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Helen said...


Love the photo of the four of you on the cherry picking ladder. You told me you used to go picking cherries at you uncle's farm in the summer. How nice to have such lovely memories.