Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our summer, Part One

On July 9, we were getting ready to leave for Barriere BC, where my in-laws live.
CTV called at 8 am and told Robert they were coming to tape a story for the evening news.
They caught us just in time. They interviewed Robert about a local excavation company which had had a serious incident downtown a few weeks previously.
Those of you who follow this blog will remember what happened to our retaining wall last August, 2009!
Robert did all the talking. He's good at that. Sure enough, we were on TV that evening on CTV news! If I knew how to embed the clip I'd put it here. It's in the CTV archives online.
I had put together a photograph album showing all the pictures of the damage the excavation crew had done to our property. CTV filmed us both looking at the album. My Mom thought I looked quite young on TV. Tee hee...

After that exciting beginning to our day, we set off for Barriere. We had a lovely trip up, and the weather was fantastic. The toll booth at the top of the Coquihalla Peak is now gone, but we always stop for a restroom break. This is one of my favourite drives in the BC province.
At long last we visited Robert's sister, Sylvia, on our way to Barriere. She and Gary have lived there for around 4 years. Gary has created an amazing succulent garden. I loved it!
Sylvia, Loretta and Robert

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