Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A brand new bathtub!!!!

This is our old bathtub in the large bathroom; it's 20 years old next year.
The grout on the tiles was becoming moldy. I couldn't get it clean. I hate mold!
When we went to the PNE this past summer, we visited a booth by Bathfitter.
We were entranced by the beauty of this product. We put our name in for a free home visit.

Here's a close up view of the mold. Fortunately this isn't bad. If this is left for too long in this condition, the mold can rot underneath into the wood, but we caught it in time.

A Bathfitter guy named John came on Monday Nov 8th to install our first makeover.
We keep the old tub and tile, except where the tile is taken off for the plumbing job.
It's quite messy and noisy at first. But John laid a large cloth on the stairs, and a rubber mat in the bathroom, and he brought his own large garbage can and cleaned up thoroughly when done.

The tile is prepped. We had cleaned it well 2 days before,  using CLR cleaner, which removes all the soap scum in 2 minutes flat. It's worth the money!

Once the plumbing is done, the insert is placed over the old tile, in one continuous piece.
Kelsie was very interested in the process.

Once the tile insert is put in, the bathtub part is cut to fit, and placed on top of our old tub.
The new faucet, curved shower curtain rod, and a safety bar are added.

A new soap dish and a neat corner shelf are also installed.

Here's a closeup of the faucet. It looks wonderful! This is a cream colour.
My bathroom will have a white tub and tile insert installed today. It was cheaper to have two done.
We're so excited!
The silicone takes a few days to dry, so we haven't used the bathtub yet.


Modeen Parrish said...

Loretta, love your site!


Frances said...

Since these corner tubs usually come in plenty of colors and sizes, I'm glad that you've found the right one to fit your bathroom perfectly.