Monday, November 22, 2010

I just don't believe this...

Dancing with the Stars is the only reality TV show I watch, except for Survivor (with Leona on Wednesdays). I'm not fond of reality shows. Robert really enjoys this show, so I began to watch it about 6 years ago and I also enjoyed each show until this year. When I heard that Bristol Palin was going to be on the show, I shrieked and said I wasn't going to watch it. This isn't because I have anything against her personally, but for some reason I simply don't like her, and she is not a star of any kind. Anyhow, my parents tried watching the first show, but gave up on it all together as they don't enjoy "worldly dancing".
Robert and I enjoy watching the dancers evolve over the 12 weeks, until the best one wins the trophy at the end. Each ordinary human being dances with a professional dancer, and the dances and training are very intense. Yes, I did wind up watching the show anyhow, as Florence Henderson was on for a while, and she danced so well for being in her 70's.
 My favourite of this season is Brandy, (who I think is the epitome of beauty and grace) and when she was voted off last week, I leaped off the couch and went and banged dishes in the kitchen sink and told Robert I refuse to watch this silly show any longer.
Bristol, for some unknown reason, was voted to be in the Finals.
The people in the picture above are competing tonight.
I predict that Bristol will win, even though I think that Jennifer should.
I really cannot understand people's minds or thought processes...


Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

I was sorry to see Bristol too. I've always felt that the children of politicians should be off limits to the media. Of course, they aren't, but some legitimate news organization might leave them alone. Now she's become fair game to all of them. Bristol is not a star, but Dancing With The Stars isn't a dance show either. It's a dance/popularity show. What's so unfair is that some of Bristol's mother's supporters have told people on a political website how to vote for Bristol and they're voting many times over with fake E-mail addresses. The producers deny it, but they showed the site on the news and a post where someone said they don't check E-mail addresses and people can make them up. One person said they voted 300 times. There's a good chance that a lot of people voting haven't even watched the show. Not only isn't this fair to the show, but it isn't fair to Bristol. I heard a few boos from the studio audience last week and I felt sorry for her. She's young and impressionable and in the long run would feel a lot better about herself if people were voting for her and not indirectly for her mother. Some really good dancers have been sent home this year. I knew it wasn't really all about dance the year Mr. P stayed on way longer than he should have. I had never heard of him, but he apparently had a very large fan base that kept voting him through. I just hope the producers have learned their lesson. Poor Bristol has been used by both the show and this political website and that's a shame. I'm fed up too. I think if the producers aren't more careful they'll be losing more than just you and me. By the way, try watching The Amazing Race sometime. It's almost over for this season, but try watching next time. I watch very little television, but The Amazing Race is one of my all time favorites.

Helen said...

I was in shock when Brandy was voted out. I thought she and Jennifer would be battling for the prize. I was unhappy. I don't know if I would still watch that show. Of the three remaining I thought Kyle should have won. He as raw and inexperienced. Look how he improved. Jennifer is a great dancer. We knew that. she was in Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze.