Wednesday, December 29, 2010

550th post! Christmas photos from 1973...

Myself, at 13, and the gifts I received for Christmas that year, December 1973.
My Mom made my red plaid skirt for school in Grade 7, but I hardly grew after that year, so I could still wear it in Grade 8. I loved that thing and wore it until it fell apart. My gifts were: a corn husk doll which I'm holding; these were all the rage in the 1970's. Candy; perfume & lotion set which I was very pleased with; an artificial Christmas tree for my dolls, which was only 99 cents at Eaton's bargain centre on Kingsway; (I decorated it with a string of Kleenex "popcorn" balls) a set of measuring cups; a snowman candle; a rocking chair planter; (you were supposed to put a plant in the bottom); a Ken doll; a wedding dress for my Stacey doll; an alarm clock; and a journal. Yes, I still loved playing with Barbie dolls at 13.

Leona with her lovely gifts; a camper and horse! Plus a Ken doll and a wedding dress for her Barbie.

Marlene and her gifts; lots of Barbie items including a camper.

Marie with her gifts; she wondered why she didn't get a camping set too, but her pool is adorable and she played with it a lot. We were satisfied with the most simple gifts; no electronics for us back then, as they cost a small fortune! A cassette recorder was around $90 and I remember how excited my Dad was when he could finally afford one! I have so many fond memories of these years.

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