Wednesday, December 29, 2010

1974 Memories, including Christmas Eve

Marie in the snow, March 1974. She was 3 years old. I believe she's wearing the red boots I wore when I was a child. We never threw anything away until it was in shreds! We understood the concept of recycling before it became the norm.

Christmas Eve, 1974. The presents became more abundant with each passing year.
I guess my Dad's job was prospering! He worked at Glidden Paint Company in the shipping department, managing a forklift and taking orders for paint. He loved his job and worked there over 30 years.
Our Christmas tree is bigger in the 1970 photos too. We always purchased it at Sears in Burnaby in the garden shop.

Myself holding a tiny doll and cradle made in Germany.
Yes, even at the great old age of 14 I loved collecting dolls and furniture.
Not much has changed.

Leona, the horse lover. I believe she still loves horses.

Marlene opening a gift with Marie and the family bird looking on.

My handsome Dad with his new Christmas sweater. He was 45 at this time; the age Marlene is this year. We thought he was ancient, but a nice guy all the same. I wish someone would have thought to take a picture of my Mom!

Marie with her darling doll food.

I loved books, and always say it's not Christmas unless you get a book or two!
What a group! My Dad looks rather resigned. We had such fun on Christmas Eve, shrieking with delight, and enjoying each others happiness. I'm so grateful for my parents love, and the scrimping and saving my Mom had to do in order to buy all those gifts.

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