Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cute vintage artwork

I love vintage artwork! Isn't this one adorable? I receive some of these in my emails, and some I find by roaming all over the web. I adore the internet and use it more than my TV.

Here's another darling image. There are so many blogs out there with wonderful ideas to use these designs.
Two of my favourites are listed in my sidebar: Creative Breathing and Two Crazy Crafters.
If you click on their links you'll see what I mean!
I've been very busy all week with a bit of shopping, and cleaning out my sewing/craft room, as my sister is coming to stay for a while. Unfortunately I don't have a bed for her, so that will have to be remedied! I can't believe all the unfinished craft/sewing projects that have piled up. That should also be remedied in the New Year! I'm a great procrastinator as some of you know. I love to work under a looming deadline. Hopefully in 2011 some of that will change. That's my plan, anyhow.

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