Friday, December 31, 2010

Last day of 2010

This is a before picture taken Wed Dec 29, showing my sewing craft room.
It was even worse before this! I have a terrible habit of putting things in piles to be dealt with tomorrow!
I wonder if anyone else has this habit. I had to deal with it by the end of yesterday, as Leona is coming to stay in this room today, while she finds another place to live. Her 2 sons moved out recently, and they were helping to pay the exorbitant rent in an apartment nearby. A one bedroom in a clean apartment is $1200. It's unbelievable. The government removed the rules to limit rent increases, so now landlords can charge very high rents and they get away with it. When Robert and I were married in 1982, our rent for a one bedroom apartment including parking, balcony, and a storage locker was $375. I don't understand how young people can get ahead nowadays.

I did it! I tackled one pile at a time.
This is the only way I can clean up! I put things away where they belong, and some things I had to put in my room and the office. I will have a HUGE sale of some of my used items in 2011. I'll list them on Craigslist first, and then on eBay if they don't sell. Once a room is clean I feel so much better. At least now Leona will have somewhere to put her bed! Whew...

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Jan Markley said...

Wow! Way to tackle the piles. I'm one of those who puts things in piles to be dealt with later ... except later never comes.