Friday, December 31, 2010

Thoughts on 2010

For 40 years I've kept a journal. Yesterday I relocated the one I wrote in 1970.
Doesn't that date sound positively archaic? I've always enjoyed recording my thoughts, but the journal for 2010 is rather empty, as I find myself blogging more often. Did you know that if you post on Blogger, you can turn your entries into a book? I think that would be so neat.
Looking back on 2010 is a little painful for me, as I don't think it was a good year healthwise. My Dad is blind in his left eye now, as the severe opertation that he had in June didn't work. I think the specialist left it for too long, and now the cataract has thickened, and apparently (according to the specialist) it can't be removed at all. I feel so very sorry for my Dad. His right eye is giving him problems now, due to the caratact. I find it very difficult to get used to the aging process. When I found out that I have glaucoma in both eyes, I nearly fell off the eye specialist's chair. I have to take medication each day; one drop in each eye in the morning, and I have to go for a check up every 4 months. I know it could be much worse, but the thought of maybe going blind one day freaks me out! Never take your health for granted and always get your eyes checked each year! You don't know what will sneak up on you.
Of course there were good things in 2010. I also turned 50. I guess it's great I've lived to this advanced age. Tee hee...I'm glad I had 50 good and happy years in this world. I'm very fortunate and blessed.
The Vancouver Winter Olympics were a highlight in our part of the world. I enjoyed every moment, especially the men's hockey game where Canada beat the USA! I loved seeing all the visitors to Vancouver.
I took hundreds of photos. I love to go through my files online and relive the happy moments of the past year. One of the highlights for me was going to Sidney on Vancouver Island with my parents, and visiting Butchart Gardens. Another highlight was redoing our bathrooms and getting new tubs and inserts. I enjoy my bath every evening! There's always good and bad in each year, and I try not to let the bad outweigh the good, and count my blessings. The Lord has been good to me, and I shouldn't question the bad which happens. Maybe it will build more character. I hope good will come out of it.
So that's my look back at 2010. This would turn into a book if I mentioned all the things which happened. That's why I keep a blog! I posted over 220 times in 2010. I'm proud of that.
I wish you a wonderful, exciting, healthy New Year in 2011!
May you grow in grace and learn more of God's will for you.

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Terry said...

Just had to ride by to wish you a very happy, healthy,prosperous,joy filled new year in 2011 !
Some things are tough as we go through them or when we reflect back upon them ,but there are usually bright spots too.
Thank you so much for sharing with us here in blogland.
You are a ray of sunshine .
Blessings to you and yours.
Happy hugs from Texas
Until next time
Happy Trails