Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Memories from the Past

Christmas Eve 1963, in our new home on Monmouth Ave in Vancouver BC.
Myself and Leona, who is trying to open her gift.
I was 3, Leona was 1 1/2. I remember this was the year I received a lovely little stove, with dishes and a plastic turkey. Leona got an adorable train set. Looking back, Leona received a lot of boy's toys! I wonder why? Was it because my Dad secretly longed for a son?
Anyhow, this was a long time ago, but I have such wonderful memories of growing up in this house.
Stay tuned for more memories and photos all month long.

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Helen said...

Did Leona get lof of boy's toys. My sister and I had gotten guns and footballs. Hmm. What did that mean?