Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas memories husband's family.

My husband Robert as a little boy, playing with the nativity scene.
This is circa either 1964 or 1965. I would guess that Robert looks like he's 5, wouldn't you? He was born in 1959. I love this picture, as I love nativity scenes.

This picture is dated 1964. Maybe Sylvia or Dora would know the correct date. Sylvia is in the back looking up at the tree while disrobing her new doll, and Dora is in the purple dress playing with a lovely looking Barbie. I always wanted one like this! I believe Robert is playing with his toy soldiers. I love this photo too. I'm truly blessed to have my childhood photos, plus my dolls, and also to have Robert's childhood photos. Enjoy!

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Deanna said...

Hi sweetie! Loved your photos and how wonderful that you still have them in your possession. I have a favorite of me and my siblings and I am holding a silver lame clad Barbie doll. I hope my mother still has that!

Deanna :D