Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Memories past...1963

Christmas 1963. My parents had bought a brand new house for $14,000 that year, so this was our first Christmas here. I remember the beautiful hardwood floors. In the photo above I'm standing in the dining room. My Mom sewed the red velvet dress. She added white lace trim, and everytime she washed the dress, she had to remove it so it didn't turn pink! I loved that dress.

I loved this red fire engine! Yes, I still have it! When I outgrew it, I used to put my dolls on the back, where there was a place for the tiny "firemen" to sit. I had such fun with this simple toy.

One of my all time favourite toys was this sink and dish set made in West Germany. It even had a plastic turkey which I cooked many times in the oven. I played so delicately with all my toys, handling them with care even at the tender age of 3! The kitchen set has long since lost its turkey, dishes, and oven door, but I still have the little drawers intact above the stove. The sink could hold water, and had a drain!

I wonder if this picture was taken for the Sunday School Christmas program?
It's also 1963. My hair has been freshly turned into ringlets and it looks like I'm nervous.

Christmas Eve, 1963, before opening our gifts.
(me and Leona)


Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

It seems like you have so many things from your childhood...lucky you! I'm just wondering where you keep it all? Do you have it out on display in your house somewhere?

I'm having computer problems and have trouble reading mail and getting into some websites, but I got your Christmas letter and enjoyed reading it!

Shelley said...

Lovely post Loretta....blessings on your day...Shelley

Deanna said...

What darling photos and you are such a sweetie with your lovely sister!

Deanna :D

Helen said...

A house for 14,000. Isn't that a dream.
Love that red velvet dress. Your mom had to remove the lace everytime she washed the dress, wow! I could feel the love and care your mom put into everything she did. You are very fortunate.