Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas cards...homemade

Each year for a long time I've created my own Christmas cards.
This year I got rather bogged down due to intense migraines, and even though I had a break of 4 weeks without any headaches, I just didn't feel like making cards. Plus Margaret hasn't been down to Vancouver for a few years now, and she always gave me incentive to create. Therefore I'm mostly blaming this on Margaret! It's all her fault!
Anyhow, I felt badly after my Mom expressed shock when she got a store bought card. So I sat down in my craft room and came up with these very easy cards.
To begin with, I bought a package of plain white cards from Michaels, on sale. Envelopes are included.
I used red velveteen ribbon along one side. Then I used a smaller square of pearlized white paper, run through my Big Shot machine using a snowflake embossing pattern. This is so easy to do, yet so effective! I used blue pearlized paper on some cards to give a different look. I added trim across the middle, and used lovely Victorian type stickers which I found at Michaels.

I used "Flower Soft" Vintage Christmas to embellish the middle square; if you don't know what this is, check out your local stamping store. It's just too cool! I thought the cards turned out lovely.

They were quick and easy. I stamped the inside and mailed them off, so a few friends will get a homemade card this year. I made my Mom a thank you card so she won't feel so bad.


Deanna said...

You did an awesome job despite you suffering from those pesky migraines. I can just imagine your dear mothers face when she got her store bought card...lol!!

Deanna :D

Helen said...

That is a very nice home made card.
You are so creative.