Thursday, December 16, 2010

St Nicholas Day

We celebrate St Nicholas Day (Dec 6) by going out to dinner with my parents.
The only Dutch one among us is Robert, but hey; I love tradition!
My Mom began this tradition in 1999, so we've been at it a while.
The first 2 times she had us over for a full turkey dinner.
Then our dinners switched to the Greek restaurant close to their condo.
It's fun, but I never try anything new. I always have chicken souvlaki, which is delicious.

Matthew always joins us.
This is my parents gift to us.

Dad and Mom by their lovely Christmas tree.
For 55 years they've put up a tree; nothing stops them!

Robert, myself, and Matthew. I think Robert and I are shrinking...

Having a lovely St Nicholas tea at Mom's table. Yummy!


Deanna said...

Your parents are just adorable and you and your DH look fabulous! I love your parent's tree and bravo to them for always putting their tree up every year!

Deanna :D

Helen said...

I didn't know there was a St. Nicholas Day. That is a very nice tradition your mom started.
Your parents do have a very nice tree.