Monday, January 3, 2011

First pictures of 2011

The first Sunday of 2011 was a gorgeous day here in Vancouver.
After church, Robert & I ate lunch at one of our favourite restaurants; Swiss Chalet.
We had the Festive Special and it was delicious.
We decided we should walk it off, so we went downtown on the Skytrain, and rambled along the frozen water front for a while. It was freezing cold but so beautiful. Aren't you jealous of the view?

This is a new sculpture, called "The Drop", representing the water drops in the ocean.
I thought it was cool.

Robert beside the Olympic Cauldron.
I'll never forget last year at this time...we were so excited at the thought of the Olympic Winter Games being held here.

Robert and Leona plus Kelsie, later that day when it was dark.
We went to Trinity Street, which has the best Christmas light display in the city.
Kelsie loved coming with us!

Robert and I, plus Kelsie.


Linda said...

keep that cauldron burning downtown...i heard there may be a glitch with the next host country and apparently when you do the games you contract and sign in blood that if the next country messes up, YOU get them your expense...sure hope the next country gets their act together in time...can you imagine??

Helen said...

I went to Trinity Street too. Are those lights something? I don't think I ever saw The Drop. Very nice