Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy birthday, Grandpa!

My paternal Grandpa, John Griffith Williams, was born on February 17, 1888.
He would be 123 today!
Here is a picture of him and his wife, Alma May, 20 years his junior.
This was taken in 1941, which was 70 years ago.
He is 53 in this photo.
He was born in Cardiff Wales and moved to the prairies in Saskatchewan when Canada was encouraging people to immigrate from Wales and England in order to settle the land and farm.
Alas, dear Grandpa wasn't much of a farmer, so they sold everything and moved out West to Vancouver BC in 1941. You'll never know how glad I am about that!
I'm not sure if I have any photos of him by himself.
Leona once exclaimed when we were watching old family movies (without sound) many years ago:
"Do you mean that Grandpa was ever a baby?" It was so funny and we never forgot that saying. We always thought our Grandpa was so old.

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