Monday, February 14, 2011


Valentine's Day is one of my favourite days in the year.
I'm so romantic at heart.
This little Bleuette is wearing a dress and pinafore which I made for my friend Linda's doll.
I think it turned out darling.

A Valentine Tea, held last Friday when Linda came over and we had a dolly crafting day.
Linda had tried making Sculpy clay doll food, and for years we'd talked about getting together and making food for our dolls. The food turned out very cute. No, that is not the doll food in the photo above; that's real food which we ate!

My true love and I.

Today Robert took the day off, and we went out to Cloverdale Antique Mall, which is closing on March 20th. My parents came with. The weather was simply atrocious, but we had fun browsing in the mall, and also the Red Barn Antiques, which is where I found the above cabinets which I'd love to buy for my crafts, but they stunk and plus it was $3,000! It was originally used for a hardware store.

We had our Valentine lunch at A & W. Yummy.

These are my darling purchases. I collect milk glass and I've never seen a Valentine shape!
It was only $10.00.

I found a Dutch doll for $5.00, and a gorgeous round handkerchief for $6.75.
Many of the items are on sale. It will be one sad day when that mall is closed forever.
However today we had fun together.


Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

Wait a minute! You're supposed to have tea with Chatty. I didn't see one single Chatty in that picture. :)

I collect Milk Glass too. I love the heart shaped plate. I have some of my mother's Milk Glass and I've added to it when I see a special piece.

Fiona said...

I love that furniture you found in the antique mall!!!!
Have a great day!!!

Marta said...

Oh, Loretta, the cabinets are just gorgeous !!!
Thank you for linking up... and I wish you a Happy Valentines too.

Linda said...

The food was so good...can't help but notice Betty's assured Betty, Loretta had three Chatties lined up on the table in the entrance hall and all three were decked out in their Valentine's Day Chatties were kind of there...

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

What a beautiful tea ! Looked like you had a fun day outing!