Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sweet Sunday

The Apostolic Faith Church at 3014 Kingsway at Rupert in Vancouver BC.
This photo was taken on Sept 23, 2001.
The church board had made the decision to re-locate to Langley, so I began to snap all sorts of pictures.
I didn't want the church to move way out to Langley as we weren't willing to also move out there. The "new" church was close to the US border, and after 2 years of a long commute we gave up and found another church to attend in town. The drive was 45 minutes there, and sometimes around an hour back, depending on traffic. There are so many "if onlys" in life, so I try my best to remember all the good and happy times.

The church tower looks very different from the pictures I posted last week on Feb 13. The old tower began to leak, so a crew of workmen from Portland OR rebuilt a new tower in 1985. This gave the building a more modern look. Do you see the old "Jesus the Light of the World" sign in the distance? The church rented this sign from the city of Vancouver all the years at this location. It hung over the city sidewalk a few feet, so that's why rent had to be paid. (believe it or not!) The sign is now in the Vancouver Museum in the vintage neon display section. Do you also see Matthew?

My Dad, John Williams, commonly known as Brother Jack, was the usher morning and evening. He loved greeting people as they came in the front door. My Dad is a very friendly guy. He misses his job as usher. For quite a few years my parents made the trek out to Langley, lasting longer than we did, but the highway driving took its toll, and for the past two years my Dad hasn't been able to drive the long distance. My parents stay home on Sundays as they've never found a church to match the one they've attended all their lives.

My Dad was also in charge of the tract rack, and making sure the tracts were always well stocked in the room in the basement. He was very meticulous about this job. He always has a pocketful of tracts to distribute, carrying them in his shirt pocket. He feels the tract ministry is a very important part of daily living. He used to stamp them with the Vancouver address, too. I don't know who does this job now.

The Houben family on Sept 23, 2001.
That evening my mother in law passed away, so I always associate these photos with that sad memory. 2001 seemed like a year of death to me.

Myself at the side of the church. I used to play here as a little girl. My sister and I would peer through the David Hunter Nursery fence next door. The church bought the property in the early 1980's and put up a store with apartment buildings on top. The rest of the property was kept for expansion but that dream never was realized.

The inside of the little church. I remember when the hard wooden pews were padded in the 1970's. We were so excited. At that time David Spence was the Pastor. New lights and carpet, plus blinds on the windows were also added. We felt very posh indeed.

Me playing the little organ. My Mom taught me how to play in 1976. I really enjoyed it. I love organ music. I have many precious memories of this little church. I'll share some more next Sunday.

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Deanna said...

Loretta, what a wonderful story. I loved learning about your church and especially about your dad. I loved the photo of you standing by the church.

Thanks for sharing!
Deanna :D