Monday, March 14, 2011

Memory Monday...Stanley Park Miniature Train

April 1968
Riding the Stanley Park miniature train, which is still there, with a much higher price! Leona is on the back seat, I'm sitting beside my Dad, with Marlene on his lap. I'm wearing a head scarf as it was always cold down by the water, and if I didn't wear a scarf I got an earache or cold.
We adored this train! This must have been Easter break, when my Dad would take a week off from work. We loved that time together. We made a few outings depending on weather, which is always iffy in Vancouver in the spring.
 Sometimes my parents would get a decorating/cleaning urge, and they'd paint our bedrooms and rearrange our furniture. This was a highlight in our lives. I loved the smell of paint and I loved the "new look" of our transformed bedroom. I shared a room with Leona. My favourite colour was turqouise.
I love these old photos which bring back such happy memories.

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Linda said...

That is such a darling photo! You have so many lovely old photos!