Friday, March 11, 2011

A new adventure in Blogland...meeting Jackie from "Once Upon a Fairyland"

Today another dream came true.
Robert took the day off and we drove down to Lynden WA.
We stopped at a darling little store called "Once Upon a Fairyland".
It's owned by Jackie Jaggers, from one of my favourite Blogs.
Recently she went on an adventure and opened a consignment shop.
Through the Blogland world, we connected about 2 years ago, and I admired her blog, photos and stories, and she enjoyed visiting mine.
She asked me if I'd like to become a vendor in her shop and sell Chatty Cathy clothes.
Wow. I was thrilled at the thought!
So here we are, meeting at last. Jackie is very sweet in person, just like her blog portrays.
This was the first time either of us had met a fellow Blogger!
We chatted for over an hour. I could easily have spent an hour looking at all the delightful items in her whimsical shop. What I found really neat was the fact that a lot of the items are made by fellow bloggers. I got to see the cute pincushions made by Twyla, and the adorable cards made by Lindsey from Two Crazy Crafters.
Jackie has her shop decorated so cute! I love her style and her props.
I hope my little dresses will sell well here. They seemed to fit right in.
I'm tickled pink to be a vendor here. I love Lynden; it's so quaint.
Some of these items were quite tempting, but all I bought was a little bag full of Bleuette sized clothespins for $1.50. The prices in this shop are quite reasonable, and the variety of items is amazing.
I had a wonderful day meeting Jackie. It felt like a neat dream! I hope to go back soon.
Do you know of any other place on earth where so many people from Blogland sell their wares underneath one roof?


Jane said...

What a fun experience for you both! The shop looks darling - wish I lived closer!

Shelley said...

I am so happy you got to meet my dear,dear friend Jackie...she and I have been Pen Pals for at least ten years,we are blogging friends as well....what a blessing she has been to me...yet,we have never met face to face...I look forward to that day!
Can't wait to see the dresses you are going to be selling in Once upon a you mind if I save some of the pictures you took of her shop?...they turned out wonderful....blessings to you dear Loretta

Fran. said...

So glad you got to meet Jackie!! She is the most amazing person!! I love her!! I am selling in the shop too!! It is so much fun to see all the talented bloggers items!! Thanks for sharing the pictures and memories!! Take care, XO Fran.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

How cool that you were able to see the store in person! It looks great. I hope you do well as a vendor.
Thank you for your sweet words about my cards and tags. I enjoyed seeing your photo of how they were displayed.