Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Snow day

Yummy...I haven't made waffles from scratch since last fall! Sunday was a snow day here in Vancouver, so we missed church, and had a late breakfast of scrumptious waffles with chocolate raspberry jam, and free range bacon. Mmm...

We very briefly went to Central Park by way of the Skytrain. I wanted to walk into the woods, but Robert had put on the wrong socks and they were rubbing and making blisters, so alas, we didn't linger.
I love the woods in the snow, and had never ever thought to take the Skytrain to the woods!

A passerby with a camera asked us to take his picture, and he took ours.
I finally have a warm coat with a hood. It was a relaxing day, and also my nephew, Colin's, 22nd birthday.

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Deanna said...

Hi Loretta,
I'm up early thought I'd visit while I do a breathing! I think the photo you took of the forest was so lovely. Looks like a postcard.

Loved the photo of you both!

Deanna :D