Monday, March 7, 2011

Memory Monday...30 years ago

30 years ago on March 7, 1981, Robert picked me up in the evening and we went on our first date. This was a Saturday. I think I've posted here that my cousin Judy Brutka had dared me in December 1980 to invite Robert over for tea after a church service; she said she'd come to church if I would do that. She liked Robert! He came, and played his guitar and we had a fun visit, but while I waited for him to invite me out in return, he never did.
Our friends, Jake & Effie Fiddick, had to help us out by inviting us over for a delicious spaghetti and meatball dinner at their home, along with another young couple from church. (John & Rochelle) The dinner was served by the Fiddick's young daughter, Terri. It was enjoyable. Around 8 pm, the other young couple left, and Jake asked Robert if he had any plans for the evening, to which Robert replied "No", and my heart sank. Jake announced he was taking his other kids to a 3D kid's cinema, and asked if we'd like to come along. I didn't think it was in the least romantic, but I sure didn't want to go home at 8:00, so we said yes.
This was the very first time I'd gone to a movie theatre, as my parents never took us there, because the church they attended had labeled it "sinful". That sounds strange put down like that, but it's the truth. Plus my parents never had extra money for movies.
Anyhow, according to my diary, we watched "Creature from the deep" but I think it was actually called "Creature from Black Lagoon". I wasn't impressed. There were people SMOKING right behind us, and Robert began to sneeze and cough. After the movie ended, Jake and kids left, and we tried out the double feature, but couldn't do it as Robert's sneezing got worse. So we left and went for a walk, and then went to Bino's restaurant, right beside the theatre. Never having gone out much at night, I didn't realize that this building was on Commercial Drive, only one block from my dentist's office! It's long gone, but today when I went past in the Skytrain, I took a picture:
The building is still there, but we've never tried out St. Augustine's. Maybe we should go back for a visit? Yesterday we went to Top's Restaurant on Kingsway and had a spaghetti and lasagna lunch for old time's sake. We often went to Top's after church, as it was nearby. We've always believed in supporting our community! And we still love to go out on dates.

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