Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring break!

It's certainly felt and looked like Spring this week.
We even had a few days of weak sunshine!
Leona has 2 weeks off this year, so on March 23 we headed downtown; me for a much needed chiropractor appointment, and while we were at it, we pretended we were tourists and went to Granville Island Market for lunch, and then took the aqua bus back to downtown.

Leona at Granville Island. We still needed our winter coats but look at that blue sky!

I don't like my Coolpix Nikon we bought last year. The one we bought in 2007 was a superb camera until it died only 2 years later. This present camera takes awful photos. (Leona's face is very washed out, and I didn't even use the flash)

On the aqua bus.

Beautiful colour!

Cool wavy building!

Another aqua bus passing by.
When we got off the aqua bus at David Lam park, we walked along False Creek to the Yaletown Station. Along the way we found this neat bit of architecture.
It was a gorgeous day!

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