Monday, March 21, 2011

Memory Monday...Robert's parents first home

This is the little house where Robert's parents, Tony & Ruth Houben, lived when they moved to Vancouver in the 1950's, from Limburg, Netherlands.
The house is at the corner of 7th and Arubuts in Vancouver.

I took this picture in April 2001.
I'm going through my old digital photos. It's amazing but I've had a digital camera for 10 years! I adore digital cameras.

When Robert's parents first moved in, the neighbours kept away from them, as they thought they were very odd, because they had no furniture and had to cook outside. Their furniture was being shipped from the Netherlands and took some time to arrive. I for one am glad they decided to move to Canada! The rest of Tony's family remained in the Netherlands except for one sister in Michigan in the USA.


Robert Houben said...

It was the corner of 7th and Arbutus in Vancouver.

Nan said...

Oh dear the neighbors should have gone up and talked to them to find out the situation they could have used some help.