Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sweet Sunday...10 years ago

April 2001; Matthew and I standing outside the Apostolic Faith Church.
Notice the "Jesus the Light of the World" sign in the background; please click on the photo for a much larger view. This sign was a landmark for many years at the corner of Kingsway & Rupert in Vancouver, and is now in the Vancouver Museum.

My Mom and I standing on the steps of the church, April 2001.

Easter Lilies on the altar.

The junior boys singing heartily for a Sunday School special.

The altar and platform.

My sister Marie with her young family; April 2001.

Ashley and James, who loved to sit with Grandma in church.
You cannot know how much I miss these happy years.


Linda said...

Look how little the kids are!!! Now with the exception of James they are pretty grown need a little grandkid or two to play with and take places!!

Robert Houben said...

I agree totally! Now, how to convince Matthew...