Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring beauty for Pink Saturday, April 23, 2011

Yesterday we took our Bible study group in the borrowed church bus, and headed down to the beautiful Skagit Valley in Washington state. Would you believe that I've never seen the tulip festival in all my life?
For some reason things got in the way, and in our early married life we didn't often travel due to time constraints and the price of gas. Then Matthew came along, and the 1990's were filled to the full with Robert often being on the road on business trips, so when he came home, he certainly never felt like a long road trip to see tulips! Lately I've been pestering him to take me to see the tulips, as the older I get the more I love flowers!

So yesterday my dream came true!
We met at the church at 7:30 and reached the Pacific Crossing border at 8:30.
We went through the bus lane, which by passed the long line of cars.
We were pulled over, though, and an inspection took place.
Maryann was concerned but I actually thought it was rather funny when 6 border guards stalked to our bus.
Three of them climbed on, and one of our passengers was removed, as she didn't have Canadian citizenship, although she had all her correct papers. But never fear, she was allowed back on, and in the meantime the main guard checked all our passports in a hand held gizmo. That way we didn't have to get off the bus. This only took 10 minutes total and then we were on our way again.

We reached La Conner at 10:00 and stopped for tea and scones in a delightful little cafe.
The scones were superb!
We walked through La Conner to stretch our legs, and then we drove back to find the tulip fields.
We had a map, and circled around the fields trying to decide on the best place to stop.
That turned out to be Tulip Town, right in the middle of everything.
There is a $5.00 charge each to get in. We were a group of 13 so they let us in for $3.00 each.
First we went through a neat indoor display area, where the best tulips were shown in bunches, with a mini canal and little boats full of tulips running behind it, all portrayed against a beautiful mural.
(I'll post those photos another time.)
Beyond the display was a gorgeous gift shop, where I was lingering, buying fabric and souvenirs, when Maryann pulled on my arm, and said "Loretta, you're missing the best part! Come and see the fields full of tulips!" And she was right! All the photos here are from those fields.

The day was bitterly cold. We had to wear our winter jackets and hats.
The picture above shows my favourite colour of tulips.
I've always wanted to go into a tulip field, and it was even better than I'd imagined!
The loveliness of the tulips is overwhelming.

Me and Robert amongst the tulips.
Because of the unseasonably cold weather, the tulips will last until Mother's Day.
The overcast sky was perfect for taking photos.
The fields were muddy and slick.

I took 187 photos, but I'll spare you and only post these. Tee hee...
I wonder what your favourite is?

We took our good Cannon SLR camera and I was glad Robert thought of it.
A little pocket camera wouldn't do the tulips justice!
I used the zoom lens for these close up photos.
I could have spent hours in the fields, but of course that wasn't possible.
I will probably be back next Spring! The drive down is only 2 hours, and it's such fun when you get there.

I love windmills. The garden displays were gorgeous too.
I think this is the best spot to visit if you plan to go.
Just look up Tulip Town online as they have a website.

There was even a tulip fountain!
I bought tulip fabric, a tulip hankie, and tulip coasters.
I felt totally immersed in tulip culture!
Maybe I'll plant a tulip garden next year!
I'm participating in Pink Saturday today. Please click on the link on my sidebar to view lots of pink loveliness in Blogland, hosted by Beverly.
I hope you enjoyed the mini tour of the tulip festival, and I wish you all a wonderful Easter weekend!


Riet said...

For a minute I thought this was a Dutch post with all the tulipsfields and even the name Houben is common here.hihi. I love your pink post. Aren't tulips the most brautiful flowers?
Happy pink Saturday

Ms. Burrito said...

So pretty!

Here's my Pink creation, hope you can visit and comment. Thank you!

Char said...

Oh my, this is just so beautiful. I had no idea we had such loveliness here. I could sit and watch the show for days. What gorgeous colors, it's all like a rainbow.
Glad everything turned out o.k and everyone was fine. Happy Pink Saturday and a very happy Easter weekend, Char

Jil~Say It With Roses said...

How well I know those fields! Every Spring we went to see the tulips and get bouquets. La Conner is one of my all time favorite towns in the country and I have many antiques from that darling town!

We lived in Blaine, Wa. My hubby was one of thos in charge of the border for the US Customs Service.
You crossed at the Peace Arch, right?

Happy Pink Saturday and Have a wonderful Easter!

I am glad you got to finally see the gorgeous fields of tulips, but sorry it was so cold!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

The tulips are just lovely and what a sight they must be too! Thanks for your visit and Happy Pink Saturday. Happy Easter to you and your family.


Marydon said...

Sniff, boo hoo! I wish I were back home ... brings back many a memory of our visits to the fields of daffodils & tulips. Glad you had a lovely trip.

May your Easter be filled with eggs-tra special blessings ~

Splenderosa said...

Wow, they are beautiful and I didn't know we had tulips in Washington. I would move to Washington if I could right this minute!
HPS to you, and best wishes for a wonderful Easter holiday weekend.
xx's Marsha

~Shabby~Prim~Delights~ said...

Hi Loretta, thankyou for your sweet words and I have to say...that your photos are amazing. I have never seen a tulip farm but I would be in a picking frenzy (the pinks ones of course) if I ever did. I have never seen so many flowers...incedible to say the least, and perfect for easter.
Have a wonderful Easter & HPS
Michelle xoxo

Jori said...

You lucky girl! GORGEOUS tulips! Happy Easter!

Maison Mutt said...

So glad you had the chance to finally go see such a glorious field of tulips. When I was living in Calif I was lucky enough to visit a field of Ranuculus & it was just a breathtaking. I think my favorite tulip was the last photo...many colors in one. Happy Pink Saturday, your newest follower ~ Niki

Trisha said...

Oh I love the Tulip Festival! I hope to go visit next year...looks like this year was as beautiful as always! Happy Pink Saturday and a very Happy Easter to you!


Tami said...

What an adventure, Loretta! The abundance and beauty of the tulips is just breathtaking. It sounds like the day will fill your heart with lots of special memories!
Happy Easter..xoxo Tami

Abramyan Avenue said...

Oh my goodness! Your post took my breath away! Tulips have always been one if my top favorite flower. Just recently the rose has been trying to bump the tulips down to the number two spot. Your photos are amazing. I would love to see that one day.

Abramyan Avenue said...

Oh my goodness! Your post took my breath away! Tulips have always been one if my top favorite flower. Just recently the rose has been trying to bump the tulips down to the number two spot. Your photos are amazing. I would love to see that one day.

Aunt Snow said...

Aren't those fields wonderful? I used to visit them when we lived in Seattle - I have a photo of my son at 3 years old walking in the rows. Now he's 22!

Glad you had such a nice trip, and thank you for sharing the pink tulips for Pink Saturday!

Kim said...

Such a delightful blog! Soooo happy to have found you. I'm your newest follower. Pop over for a visit sometime and have a blessed Easter.

Light and Voices said...

I loved the cyber tour of tulips, my husband's favorite flower. I think it is a toss up between morning glories and tulips. Both are beauties for sure. I like them too. Have a blessed Easter. See you next week.
Joyce M

mypinkprettiesaboutme said...

Beautiful pics. Can't wait to see some flowers in my garden. Happy Easter and thx for sharing.

Cottage Touch said...

Thank you its so blah here in NE! ... Happy Easter & HPS...