Monday, April 18, 2011

Memory Monday...Easter in the 1970's

Easter 1973
Marlene, me, Marie, Leona
This was the last year I wore an Easter hat.
I loved hats and still do, but it wasn't the fashion anymore for an older teen to wear a hat.
I loved my dress, though; it was a polyester fabric, with a satin lining.
It was very comfortable. Leona had a matching pink one.
We didn't get a new dress each year, though. Sometimes we wore our Christmas dresses for Easter.
My Mom usually bought them at Simpson Sears bargain centre in Burnaby for under $10 each!

Easter 1974.
I know I already posted this photo, but I thought I'd line up the 1970 photos so you can see how we all changed over the years.

Easter 1975
Leona and I in the back, Marlene and Marie in the front.
I loved my dress. Someone at my Dad's work had a daughter older than I; her name was Karen. She passed on boxes of lovely stuff to us. I had to wait a few years until I grew into this dress, and although slightly out of style for the 70's I didn't care; it was a gorgeous soft cotton/rayon dress with a crispy lining, and machine embroidery all over the bodice. I've always loved fabric and clothes!

Easter 1976.
Leona and I in the back, Marie and Marlene in the front.
Maxi dresses were all the rage so we're all wearing one!
They were so comfortable. Mine came from a thrift store.
I added lavendar ribbon trim to the sleeves and the waist.

Leona is wearing her Christmas dress from 1975.
The golden couch has moved in front of the orange drapes.


Sarah said...

Those pictures are so great...thank you for taking the time to post them! I'm wishing I would have got my girls some Easter bonnets this year...but I am making them matching flowers for their hair so that will be cute too! I've got to finish up my oldest girl's dress in the next couple days. My two younger girls' were bought this year. I'm hoping to put them up Friday afternoon for my Pink Saturday post! Hope you have a great week and a happy Easter!


Jacqueline said...

Way, way too cute and precious for frilly words. Memories hold hope for a new day and goodness ahead!

Victorian1885 said...

What great the photos! Happy Easter!